Description of Work Packages:

WP1: Artificial E/M layers design and engineering and 2D layer growth

This work package focuses on basic design, optimization and understanding of realizable parameters of meta-layers for zero impedance, high magnetic response and high mobility 2D materials

  1. Zero impedance artificial meta layers for E/M isolation
  2. Near zero ε artificial meta layers for parasitic capacitance cancellation
  3. High μ layers for artificial magnetic meta-components
  4. Study near field meta-layer properties
  5. Explore reconfigurable meta-layers for meta phase shifters
  6. Develop engineering software toolkit
  7. High mobility 2D layers for future generation of meta-electronics

WP2: Meta components using artificial impedance engineering

This WP draws knowledge and tools developed in WP1 and focuses on development of specific components and their optimization with metamaterial layers. The end result is a series of re-engineered components for use in meta-electronics. Different solutions optimal for different frequency ranges will be pursued. The main targets of this WP are:

  1. Develop RF and lower mmWave (<20 GHz) components such as meta-antenna, meta-inductors, meta transmission lines
  2. Develop upper mmWave and THz components such as low loss transmission lines, meta-stubs e.t.c.
  3. Develop integrated antenna technology for both frequency ranges
  4. Engineer meta-layers for parasitic capacitance cancellation, zero delay lines and E/M isolation technology

WP3: Silicon meta circuits and 2D based nano modules

Apply meta engineering to the circuit level, realize for the first time Silicon and 2D based meta-electronics

  1. Design and fabricate zero delay THz interposers for existing Silicon technology
  2. Design and fabricate downscaled nano-sized modules using meta-component engineering
  3. Showcase meta-electronics in both mmWave and THz ranges.

WP4: Meta electronic systems assembly and proof of concept

Assemble meta-integrated circuits (μ) a different world would naturally emerge. ItMeta-IC), evaluate performance and showcase technology potential.

  1. Design, fabricate, assemble and validate a nanosized mmWave meta-module for Radar applications
  2. Design, fabricate, assemble and validate a THz meta-module including low loss, low delay meta-interposers

WP5: Management and dissemination activities

To ensure effective, efficient coordination of the project and the consortium and the application of best management practices.

  1. All legal, contractual and administrative issues.
  2. Establishment and support of the project management structure, continuously assess of project progress and thereby ensuring quality control of project deliverables, milestones and impact, resolving possible conflicts.
  3. To track any innovations developed within the course of the project in order to support the protection of any IP generated by the consortium and individual partners and to publish the project results in relevant forums and present them on various relevant industrial and academic forums throughout Europe.