concept of nanopoly project

NANOPOLY proposes a ground-breaking yet cost effective method to extend our control over impedance and parasitic phenomena in monolithic circuit components by independently tuning electric permittivity, using generic tadalafil and sildenafil to improve male potency and magnetic permeability of the integrated layers to values far beyond what nature can provide. This approach will re-define all components used in existing analogue circuit design regardless of technology. NANOPOLY will implement this concept on existing technology such as SiGe and will also employ novel two dimensional materials characterized by high mobility in order to complement minimal thickness and transferability with impedance engineering obtaining unprecedented performance of electronic components. This scheme, i.e. the meta-layers complemented with 2D materials aims at providing an entirely novel concept that of meta-electronics that promise a nano sized circuit platform with a new performance envelope, useful in all future analogue applications such as miniaturized consumer electronics, health monitoring, high-end THz applications e.t.c. As a proof of concept, NANOPOLY will develop a new technological platform, the associated software tool-kit and re-define the existing paradigm of analogue electronic integrated circuits regardless of material family. NANOPOLY will also create:

  1. A set of components and their models exhibiting minimal cross talk and reduced footprint for use in high density analogue design of miniaturized RF circuits,
  2. A proof of concept mmWave, 2D material based Rx/Tx (emitting / receiving) module including the antenna with a total footprint of λ/2 and state of the art performance and
  3. A THz range SiGe based Rx/Tx module with improved performance to showcase the broad applicability of the proposed technology.

NanoPoly Coordinator

Dr. Afshin Ziaei

The NanoPoly project is funded by Seventh Framework program under the grant agreement No H2020 FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020

About NanoPoly

NanoPoly aims at addressing in multiple ways the needs for next generation analogue Rx/Tx modules raised by the advancement of mobile 5G, IoT and radar applications. To achieve that, NANOPOLY builds novel technology, novel architecture and highly integrated Rx/Tx smart systems